Thanks again, Amy.  I feel so much better.  You definitely have a gift for healing.

-Tricia R., Channel

Literally as I walked into my first session with Amy I was a spinning top with a thousand things on my mind, completely distracted and suffering from stiffness in my lower back. At the end of that first session, I was serene, grounded and the following day in Yoga class, able to go much further in some poses than I had been able to for more than a year. It was like something inside of me had been shifted or lifted – like a weight – and I felt lighter both physically and mentally. I was expecting zero results from the session and wound up with a new found understanding and respect for this healing art; and Amy provides the supportive energy needed to help you feel at ease. I highly recommend Amy’s healing services for anyone, period.


I always thought Reiki was a  little ‘out there,’  but when I was in crisis feeling traumatized, dissociated and in total despair, I asked Amy for help.  I wasn’t expecting much, and was very surprised at how tangible and powerful the experience was.

Amy has a gentle yet strong presence that made me feel at ease. She was able to transmit a loving and effervescent energy from her hands throughout my body that I could actually feel, even though she wasn’t touching me.  She used sounds, aromas, and crystals, and also integrated information and messages from animal spirit guides.

After just one session I felt lighter, more confident, fully embodied, rejuvenated and comfortable in my skin. I had three consecutive sessions and Amy helped me have some relief from the physiological and emotional pain I was going through.  The Reiki helped to free me from being stuck in despair and brought me to a place of peace.

-Laura S., LMSW

Thank you so much.  I am feeling so much better.  You opened me back up!!

-Robin P.

After suffering from a complication following one surgery, I asked Amy for Reiki during a second corrective surgical procedure. Not only did everything go well, but the recovery time was almost non-existent, and I was back on my feet within a day! Thank you so much, Amy!

-Chris T.

I had four sessions with Amy, and felt at peace in her presence and kept an open mind. What I experienced and came to learn gave me the permission I needed to let go and nurture myself, while starting on my road to remission.

-Dee C.

For 16 weeks last year I had Reiki and other healing work performed on me by Amy.  I was blown away by how sensitive, attentive, and caring she was, and how she payed such close attention to every detail of our “treatment plan.”  She was really fantastic.  I felt better after a few weeks under her care and guidance, and I have a very debilitating disease that had become quite entrenched.  I highly recommend this wonderfully compassionate and intuitive woman to anyone who wants to see improvement in their symptoms.

-Lisa P.