What do I need to do to prepare?
Besides just showing up, it’s helpful to come with an intention, which you may choose to share with me or keep to yourself.  Your intention can be anything, and shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.  If you find yourself wracking your brain trying to settle on what your intention should be, then consider an intention to allow whatever it is you need to move forward in life.

What can I expect?
Your session will be unique to you.  The modalities I draw from work on any combination of four levels: spiritual, physical, emotional, and/or mental.  Experiences vary widely, but common ones include: relief from physical pain; a deep sense of relaxation; relief from anxiety and stress; mystical experiences or visions; a childhood memory that’s helpful in a current situation; a release of laughter or tears; a dream-like state – floating outside of one’s body; and/or a deep sleep.  Healing can occur with any experience – and there is no “right or wrong.”

What modalities do you draw from?
I am trained in various healing modalities, including: shamanic healing, craniosacral therapy, shamanic reiki, animal medicines, and crystals, and currently studying Eden Energy Method.  I have an amethyst biomat available for my clients to use at no extra charge, which heals using far infared light, negative ions, and thousands of amethyst chips.  I also bring in the healing energies of plants (sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, copal); music (voice, bells, rattles, drums, chimes); essential oils (geranium, sage, frankensense), and birds and animals.

How long is a session?
Your first session will be approximately 90 minutes; subsequent sessions last between 60-75 minutes.

What is the cost?
Single session rates:
First session:                   $150
Subsequent sessions:     $125

Package rates:
5-sessions:                        $550 ($110/session; 6-month expiration)
10-sessions:                      $1,000 ($100/session; 12-month expiration)
*Packages may be split among family members.
*Gift Certificates are available.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes.  In the colder months you should wear layers, as both the energy and biomat create warmth, so you may need to shed your sweater mid-session.

What position will I be in? 
While there are some energy assessments that are done while standing, you’ll mostly be lying down either on your stomach or back.  Because it is your session, your comfort is of paramount importance, so if you feel the need to roll on to your side or stomach mid-session, you are always welcome to do so.  I can work with you in any position.

Is it like massage?
Not at all.  Depending on which healing modality I am drawing from, my touch ranges from a very light touch, to no touch at all – working as much as six feet off the body.

How many sessions will I need?
Every person is different.  Some people will come periodically as they feel the need, while others prefer to come every week or two, or each month for maintenance.  There are others in “crisis” who come daily for several days in a row, or weekly for a few months.  It truly depends on your needs and goals.

How long does it take to get an appointment, and what are your hours?
I usually book out from 1-3 weeks, and have flexibility most days, from early morning appointments through early evening. Some weekend appointments are available.

If I’m receiving regular treatments from you, can I stop seeing my doctor or psychotherapist?
No.  I am not a medical doctor, nor a psychotherapist.  The healing modalities I work with are natural ways to balance your energy; they are not intended to replace your regular medical or psychological treatments, nor diagnose or treat particular conditions.